Magic doesn’t just happen. The right people working together, committed to the same ideals, make it happen. We listen, motivate, and collaborate with each other to bring life to new and fresh ideas. Then, we present them to you!

Meet Our Team!

Sabrina Kidd

Owner & Founder

Sabrina is the founder of DBK Publishing. She has always been a big thinker. After graduating from the Communication Design program at Kutztown University, she gained a lot of experience helping several start-up companies. Slowly, she gained enough knowledge and confidence to branch out on her own.

Megan Shimbiro

Administrative Assistant

Megan is the Administrative Assistant for the whole team. She supports the team by juggling schedules, finances, and sales orders. We often say she is the grease that keeps the team running smoothly. She is not afraid to jump in whenever help is needed. She finds joy in everything and offers assistance with a smile.

Khelsea Purvis


A vivid storyteller, meticulous editor, and detailed strategist are all things to describe Khelsea. As Editor-in-Chief, she spearheads the Editorial Department and manages the editorial process for the stories we publish. She graduated from Salem State University with a BA in English. She has the skills and passion needed to detect spelling, grammatical, and structural issues. She focuses on the “big picture” of our brand and tackles the minor details as well. She ensures that our work is polished and perfected from beginning to end.

Katherine Torgersen

Senior Editor

Katherine is one of our senior editors. She applies an elegant, yet classic style to every piece she works on. Her way with words is lyrical, and she uses her skills to strengthen every project she works on. She has a knack for being personable and relatable which makes her a great member of the team!

Lia Henson


Lia’s approach to illustration and design is rooted in abstract thinking, and her unparalleled energy makes everything she touches marvelous. She has a natural talent for communicating ideas in clear and creative ways. Along with her strong illustrative skills, she is adept at problem solving and idea generation. She welcomes any and all changes, and she never misses even the smallest detail to make every project successful.

Kate Vega

Creative Writer

Kate has earned the title jack-of-all-trades. Not only is she obsessed with writing and creating stories, she doubles as a designer on the design team as well. Much like her favorite superhero, Batman, she works her 9-to-5 job by day and becomes a creative superhero by night! She’s always wherever we need her to be with fresh ideas and an uplifting smile.

Katy Arrington


Katy is the definition of a wanderer. She packed up her life and went on an around-the-world trip indefinitely almost a year ago. As long as she has Wi-Fi and an electrical outlet, she stays in touch. However, you never know where she could be. Her travels inspire her to create the most illustrative and imaginative pieces we have ever seen.

Melissa Falconi


Melissa is a dreamer. As a self-taught illustrator based in Italy, she has a great passion for art. In 2011, she was certified as an accountant and drifted away from the field. Now, she is making a huge splash in illustration with us!

Gabrielle Gomez


As an experienced illustrator, Gabrielle thrives in our fast-paced work environment. She finds joy in everything she does no matter the level of difficulty. She earned her BFA in Cartooning from the School of Visual Arts in New York City. She has freelanced for various clients, such as Lion Forge Comics, Abrams Books, and College Humor.

Briana Van Dyke

Director of Human Resources

Briana (or Bri as we often call her) is responsible for the smooth operation of our Human Resources Department. With an international team such as ours, it may seem impossible to coordinate everyone’s schedules. However, Bri is more than happy to take on the challenge. She keeps our team on task and on time. She handles compensation, benefits, labor relations, and manages company culture. She has a heart of gold and always has an open ear to listen to anyone’s troubles.

Ashley Carl

Creative Director

As our Creative Director, Ashley is in charge of brand consistency. She tackles each project with an open mind to create unexpected and innovative solutions. She earned her BFA in Graphic & Interactive Design from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania. She prides herself on her ability to translate brand insights into relevant and meaningful designs. Outside of work, she loves yoga and dogs, and she dreams of traveling.

Alex Graudins


Alex is a cartoonist and illustrator based in Rhode Island. She studied Cartooning at the School of Visual Arts in NYC and graduated in 2016 with a BFA. She has appeared in numerous Dirty Diamonds anthologies, The Adventure Zine, Dear Evan Hansen: Through the Window, and on The NIB and The Mary Sue. When she’s not in her cartooning cave, Alex is attempting improv at her local theatre and karaoking her heart out.